Sweet and spicy green bean and onion with cheese omelette bento


I will post this before odebu will even see this. It has sweet and spicy green beans and onion cooked with Gochujang, sugar and soy sauce, ham and cheese omelette AND octopus sausage!!! I boiled the sausages after cutting them in parts not frying them. It looks as the boiling did the trick to curl up the legs. Oh I forgot to season the sausages with salt and pepper... oh well.


Inari Sushi bento


I made another Inari Sushi bento for my Odebu. The last time I made it I had the hardest time trying to open the Inari in pockets and they kept getting ripped.  This time I remembered the oldest cooking trick that I had forgotten that existed!  Use a single chop stick and use it as rolling stick but gently up and down a couple of times.

That should loosen up the tofu and be easily able to stuff rice.

As side items of the bento, I stuffed it with rolled hamburg, fish egg rolls and sauted string beans in butter and tomato. The bento was prepped in 15 minute or so. Another easy bento!

Hope Odebu enjoyed the lunch 

Korean Beef Bowl


Leftover lunch from weekend. Served it with porched egg when we ate it for dinner, but thought it best to change that for lunch. Go figure. 

The simmered sweet hokkaido I made the corner. I think Japanese would appriciate the texture of pumpkin skin as one of the features of the dish, but I guess its somewhat roughness didn't add to the deliciousness Odebu enjoys. hmm

Beef Bowl is supposed to be cooked with thinly sliced beef, but there is no such thing here. So I subbed with ground beef. Ginger and garlic in oil with gochujang, sugar and say sauce garnished with chopped green onion. It turned out to be another favorite dish of Odebu. He loves it too much he's been asking to make it again. We've had the same dish twice in a row already! 

Glad he found something else he likes.


Pita Sandwich


As much as Odebu loves rice, he needs to have bread alternatively or he'll get bored. It is my mission to keep his daily eating fun and enjoyable as well as of course prepping delicious food. 

Odebu starts his day by slicing up his home made bread so when I prep his lunch based on bread or something flour, I tend to keep it with either some half way prepped french bread, flour tortilla or in this case, pita bread!

I made this sandwich during the summer and Odebu really liked it. With pita sandwich, he could eat it with one hand while his other hand on mouse browsing the net or just working. 

I made three different stuffing for the sandwiches.  Egg sandwich, Fried fish sandwich like breaded fish sandwich and the last one was either with mince croquette or mini tonkatsu. I tossed in a couple of potato croquettes to make sure Odebu will be very happy.